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Supply Chain Consulting
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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one"


~Mark Twain

Our Services

Our Services

JPDean Consulting has 28 years experience building, implementing, fixing challenges, improving vendor relationships, saving money, negotiating contracts to your benefit all while implementing best practices and moving teams to the next level.  We are more than a supply chain consultant, we know how to not only improve your business, but how to improve your team for long term benefits for both your company and your employees. Supply Chain is one of the most critical support functions in your business, invest in it.


Critical at the beginning of any project, the Sourcing team works with your internal stakeholders to find the right supplier for the right project every time.


Procurement builds and maintains a positive relationship with suppliers for the purpose of exceeding expectations in product creation, shipping, and delivery.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management has the power to enable successful cost control of operations through the management of raw materials,finished products, warehousing, and processing of such items.

Data Management

A robust data management is incredibly important and necessary to optimize the use of data to make decisions that greatly benefit your organization as a whole

System  Implementation

Supply Chain systems are critical to your long term goals and short term wins. Choosing the correct system, implementation and training are non-negotiable for financial gain and company growth

Risk and Compliance

As your company ascends, so do your risks and the need for compliance. Monitoring and assessing these important aspects of growth is imperative to success. We help to ensure you comply with industry and security standards.

Heading 5

Do not negotiate contracts that do not benefit your growing business. Negotiate with long term goals in mind! Cost savings, product build, delivery, and storage should be considered prior to signing on the dotted line. Save time and streamline your agreement process to benefit your expected growth

Project Management

Project management within supply chain can become a challenge without the correct Service Level Agreements in place and a staff with the working knowledge of prioritization and completion of projects big and small.

Employee Training & Retention

Employee training and retention are vital to your bottom line and future success. Spend less time searching for qualified candidates and more time focusing on the success of your current staff. Retention of talent is challenging in today's ever changing market. Flexing with this new market is vital


"It would be challenging to find someone within the industry with more experience and success than Jeff.  He has proven positive results in multiple industries all while motivating teams to new levels.  A rare combination of industry knowledge and leadership.”

Pat Scutella

Technical Purchasing Specialist



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