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Contracts with your suppliers will make or break you in your supply chain success. Mishandled agreements can cut into your profits while leaving a devastating trail of loss along the way.

Standardized agreements with suppliers through well negotiated terms, allowing for your needs to be met in a timely, and expected manner are critical. By placing contract negotiation closer to the beginning of the process and having your end user and supply chain work together to identify the business need and negotiating the agreement at the front end, you will save valuable time for your legal team at the end of the process and streamline your agreement process. 

We are experienced in contract negotiation within supply chain. We can help you choose the correct vendor, negotiate the timeline, the product, the price and the delivery and storage if needed. Don't allow a poorly written contract to come between your company and it's profits. Negotiate your terms from the start and allow JPDean Consulting to help you set your company up for success!

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