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Employee Training and Retention

Employee training and retention are vital to your bottom line and future success. Flexing with the new culture of our changed work force will allow for a more sustainable future. 

Employee retention in our modern world is no longer about benefits and pay structure. It now includes an organic over all well-being, work-life balance, and flexibility. The Great Resignation of 2021 brought a new view of employee/employer relationships and how the culture of our younger employees has drastically changed from the past. The mentality around work and work-life balance has come to a head and caused a need for change. Change is always a challenge, especially when running a business model that has shown to be successful in profits, however the new culture of the world has expectations of an organic work culture allowing for profits as well as positive benefits to the employees life inside the walls of their employment as well as in their personal and private lives. Retention of these employees who have been trained in their positions, are producing quality work, and are adding to the company's profits is all about learning a new approach to management styles and communicating in a more effective way which allows the business to continue to profit without the need for replacing top talent. 

In the event that your talent pool declines and new talent is sought out, the correct training and mentorship will be an asset to the HR team, the division manager, and the company as a whole. The expectations of the new employee and the expectations of the employer must come together in a cohesive bond for a successful future. 

We work with your current, and incoming employees, to mentor, train, and allow for a safe, productive, and profitable outcome. Supply chain is as important as the CFO of the company. Without it, the business plan will not work. Retaining good talent in the supply chain industry is difficult due to the stress load it can carry. Finding experienced employees that truly understand the entire picture of what supply chain entails is absolutely necessary to a good flow, happier clientele, higher profits, and over all success with employee retention and company goals. JPDean Consulting can train your employees in the inner workings of supply chain as well as systems management and what success in supply chain looks like. 

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