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Risk and Compliance

Businesses are at an increasing risk in the three risk areas; Cyber, Physical and Financial. Though every business model is different, your compliance is necessary for success. Depending on your current and future compliance needs, whether SOX, HIPAA, GAAP, OFAC, etc., we can help you with the time consuming needs necessary to meet these expectations. 


Regarding compliance, are you a startup looking to go public?  Has your team reviewed the standards of SOX? Has your team, in place of internal stakeholders, reviewed those standards?  If you are looking at SPAC, do you know the new requirements? It is incredibly important that your team has an accurate plan of how to accomplish what is needed to meet your compliance expectations within the correct time frame. Not planning now for the future will cost your business precious time an profits.  

JPDean Consulting can help you understand compliance, vendor risk, as well as put processes in place to mitigate risk in your NDA, your contracts and agreements.  Let our experience in accomplishing the necessary tasks to set your company up for success now and in the future speak for itself. JPDean Consulting will sit down with your team to break down the business expectations into company achievements that lead to the ultimate goal, while putting those strategies in to motion. Together we can set a timeline for compliance success.

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